This TikToker Has A Theory Zooper Doopers Are The Same As Sunnyboys & My Tongue Is Trembling

The man who uncovers literally all spicy Aussie food goss is back with another banger: TikToker Russ Eats reckons Sunnyboys (may they rest in peace) and Zooper Doopers are the same thing.

Russ Eats is the bloke behind a number of groundbreaking food revelations. He was the first to break the genuinely devastating news about Lift being discontinued and revealed Macca’s decision to get rid of regular Sprite. We thank him for his service to the snack-loving community.

Russ appeared on Ben Fordham‘s 2GB radio show to share a new theory: the icy flavour of Zooper Dooper is the same as Sunnyboys. I’m shocked. I’m shaken.

All those years on the drive home from school begging my dad for a Sunnyboy from the servo when we had Zooper Doopers waiting at home.

Russ’s suspicion is apparently based on info from an “inside source”. Considered my curiosity… piqued.

“I’ve DM’d them on Facebook to ask,” Russ said, but explained the company hadn’t been able to confirm.

He pointed out that the two brands are owned by the same company. Daily Juice Co is behind both iconic, summer-defining treats — though it removed Sunnyboys from shelves in 2016.

‘Twas a sad day for all fans of sweet treats and pyramid shapes.

“So if you miss Sunnyboys, just get whatever that shape is and tip a Zooper Dooper in. That’s the only way we can confirm it,” Russ said.

I have to say, I’m bloody compelled by Russ’s theory. Of course, there are a couple of key differences: Zooper Doopers are available in a much wider breadth of flavours than Sunnyboys ever were.

Also, the shape is different. Duh. I have a feeling Sunnyboys and Zooper Doopers are a bit like rectangular versus triangle sandwiches. Even if they should taste the same, the vibe is different.

But with Sunnyboys off shelves for good, it’s hard to engineer a conclusive taste test.

If you’re gunning for a different form of treat, Russ also revealed his number one sweet of the year: the Milo KitKat Chunky.

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One of those sounds bloody good right about now.

I’m off to go and craft a pyramid-shaped mould to test out this Zooper Dooper theory. Summer plans sorted!