KitKat Is Releasing A Milo Collab So Brb, Gonna Eat Chocolate For Breakfast

KitKat Milo collab.

KitKat is about to release a collab with Milo (!!!) and suddenly I’m thinking my breakfast-skipping habit may come to an end.

There are few things in life that are guaranteed but some include: death, taxes and the pure unadulterated joy that flows through your fingies when you drink a hot cup of Milo (yes I said hot, fight me).

I mean, what ailment exists in my feeble heart that cannot be cured by the comforting embrace of Milo’s proverbial arms?

It’s my pleasure to inform the Milo-obsessed binches of the world that the malty goodness we know and love has been elevated into yet another dreamy treat: it now comes in KitKat form.

That’s right: KitKat, whose chunky edition is the number one chocolate ever according to PEDESTRIAN.TV’s food editor, has just revealed it’s releasing a series of Milo-filled choccies so you can enjoy a treat worthy of the gods.

The elite chocolate, according to half the PTV team. The other half reckon we’re sleeping on the humble Bueno.

The new range comes in block, bar and chunky forms and it tastes exactly as you’d expect. Delicious, reliable, satisfying. KitKat always delivers, tbh.

I took one bite and was transported right back into my youth like Anton Ego when he tried Remy’s ratatouille.

Remember being 11-years-old, late for school and downing a cup of Milo’s sweet, sweet nectar before running out the door? Or having a melt down over high school exams and dealing with it by eating that stuff straight out of the tin like a little dirt demon?

My life CHANGED when I realised you can put Milo on porridge, too.

There was always one f(r)iend who had every variation of Milo you could think of. Milo cereal, Milo snack bars, Milo ice cream cups. A consistency I now respect and would relish in. Oh, I hope they find this new choccie.

Set to satisfy the unanswered calls of your soul’s deepest yearnings, the new KitKat is basically just a regular KitKat but with a chocolate malt filling — which I can guarantee fkn rocks because I’ve tried it.

The new KitKat/Milo collab will be available in stores in late July, so keep an eye out for ’em. And don’t slip on your own drool.