In A Bonafide, Genuine, Modern Day Tragedy, The 7-Eleven $1 Coffee Will No Longer Cost $1

In sad news for those of us who like our coffee cheap, brown and caffeinated, 7-Eleven has announced its $1 coffee will be doubling in price. $2 7-Eleven coffee?! What is Anthony Albanese‘s plan for this?

This is the first time the price of the coffee has changed in 13 years, in case you needed further proof that we are living in the most cursed timeline.

We are proud of our iconic freshly ground coffee, but to keep pouring you the same quality cupful that we all know and love, we will have to increase the price in October this year,” 7-Eleven said in posts on its social media. 

“These price changes are the result of sustained cost increases across the board which have made the existing prices unsustainable.

“We understand the effect even small price increases have. We value you and your ongoing support, and we look forward to seeing you in our stores soon.” 

The delicious, delicious regular cups of Joe (and who is Joe, may I ask?) aren’t the only victims of the price hike. A large Slurpee, Iced Coffee and Hot Chockee will also now cost $1.50.

And can I say this: is Hot Chockee perhaps the worst ever name for a beverage? I think it might be.

In good news for the eco babes though, 7-Eleven will knock off 50 cents from your coffee if you bring in a reusable cup.

Swings, roundabouts, etc. This is genuinely the excuse I need to invest in a nice, fancy takeaway cup instead of my weird-smelling cheap plastic one. It’s truly seen some horrors.

7-Eleven isn’t the only food company translating the squeeze of inflation to higher prices for consumers. Ingham’s — Australia’s largest chicken supplier — has warned that the price of your fave schnitty and nuggets will be increasing too.

If you’re the one person whose all-time favourite food combination was a 7-Eleven coffee and a chicken parmi, I am so, so sorry to bring you this news.