In Bad News For Your Favourite Pub Feed, The Cost Of Chicken Is About To Get Way Higher

It might be time to get really into eggplant and veggie sausages because now, the price of chicken is set to increase. As if the egg shortage wasn’t bad enough!

We can once again blame inflation for this one. Yep, the cost of living is certainly still absolutely borked (or should that be bawk-bawked?). First we had hikes in petrol and power prices, and now poultry is getting more expensive.

That’s because Ingham’s — the biggest chicken producer in Australia — has seen its share prices fall and reported a significant drop in earnings.

According to The Australian, the cost of chicken feed has also increased by a whopping $45.4 million thanks to the super high price of wheat and soybean meal.

The feed price, combined with fucked crops and labour shortages, means that the price of chicken is going to be increased.

That will affect businesses like supermarkets, butchers and fast food joints. And in turn, prices for consumers will probably rise too.

So that’s bad news for anyone hoping to enjoy a delicious chicken burger or a crispy schnitzel at pub trivia any time soon.

Though this is clearly an answer to the old philosophical adage: what came first, the chicken price hike or the egg shortage?

In a leaf of good news for everyone’s grocery shopping though, vegetable prices are expected to finally drop after months and months of truly wild prices. As originally reported by the ABC, lettuce could potentially fall to as little as $2 in September.

We can also expect the prices of things like capsicum and zucchini to drop back down to slightly more attainable prices too. You best bet I’ll be entering my delicious summer salad era.

Still, the increasing price of chicken is a signal that a number of everyday expenses aren’t going to drop any time soon.

They giveth lettuce, they taketh away chicken. Tragic.