A Look Back At Some Truly Ridiculous Vessels Seen At 7-Eleven’s BYO Cup Day

There are very few days on the Australian calendar that allow you to exercise your absolutely cooked creativity as much as 7-Eleven’s BYO Cup Day. Truly, the scope is awe-inspiring, the parameters simple. Bring your own cup on October 5th and fill ‘er up.

The legend arises when geniuses venture into the realm of vessels that, if we’re honest, defy the very nature of a cup. Because really, a mere cup? Child’s play. These people have exceeded all expectations and now reign immortal in the annals of 7-Eleven BYO Cup Day.

Don’t forget, vessels must be 23cm (width) x 26cm (height) in dimensions, as well as being both clean and watertight – but there’s still plenty of scope for you to baffle onlookers with your choice of Slurpee container.

Check out these heroes below for inspo.

1. The paint ball canister

This is a tactical approach if ever we’ve seen one. The brilliance sneaks up on you and pelts you with all the Slurpee goodness, and it’s just as colourful as the real deal.

2. The watermelons

Watermelons are a supreme fruit in that they’re already a cup for their own juicy contents, so when you add Slurpee into the mix it ups the ante something severe. We’re on board.

3. The potty

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Getting to the bottom of these Slurpee cravings! #pottymouth #cravings #babybump #doesmybumplookbiginthis #byocupday #slurpee

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This brings new meaning to the phrase ‘potty mouth’. Fingers crossed this is the last multicoloured substance to be found in the potty for a while.

4. The tradie helmet

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Desperate times call for desperate measures #byocupday

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If you’re popping down on smoko and accidentally left your cup on site, there’s only one logical thing to do. Because head safety comes hand in hand with a Slurpee treat.

5. The mannequin

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#byocupday #7eleven #mandurah

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Mannequins are creepy, but turn them upside down and suck out some Slurpee from their gaping, empty thighs and you can bet we’re intrigued.

6. The fire extinguisher

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Its Getting Hot In Here ???????????? #BYOCUPDAY #711

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Look, we know that Slurpees are best enjoyed on a drippingly hot summer day, so that the icy brain freeze is a welcome relief – but this fire extinguisher vessel has us a bit hot under the collar.

7. The IV

Just to clarify, yes this is obviously fake. But oh boy do we admire the gumption. The Slurpee addiction is real when you need to hook it up intravenously.

8. The horse’s head

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They gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

So if you’re stuck on ideas for your BYO Cup Day receptacle, take a leaf out of the books of these ridiculous humans and well, embrace the bizarre. It’s on the 5th of October so you’ve still got some time to get yourself sorted.