The chocolate masterminds over at San Churro have shifted their attention to something decidedly more savoury: tapas.

An all-new tapas menu has hit select San Churro stores in most states (except Victoria, sorry) and the selection is authentic enough to make you obnoxiously reminisce about your semester abroad in Madrid.

All the classics are there: patatas bravas, both chicken and vegetarian empanadas, beef meatballs, mushroom risotto bites, and even *checks notes* mac ‘n’ cheese croquettes.

They’ll cost you $8 each. Alternatively, you can get four for $30, six for $45, or all eight options for $60 which sounds like a real fiesta and a half.

You can grab the tapas as takeaway and eat in the park, if you so please. (Supplied)

“Our new Signature Savoury range is inspired by the iconic tapas bars of Spain, where you can enjoy bite-sized explosions of flavour, paired with quality time spent with your amigos and familia,” San Churro CEO Giro Maurici said.

“The Spanish inspired savoury range is designed to perfectly complement all our iconic dessert items, so you can have fun creating your tasty combinations.”

The new savoury selections also include a whole bunch of toasties, ranging from the bog-standard ham and cheese all the way to pulled beef pita pockets.

Alright, alright, alright, there is one slight catch. The new menu items are only available at select stores.

The toasties don’t look half-bad, either. (Supplied)

If you’re in Sydney or Perth, you’re in luck with no shortage of options to cop the new treats. Most other states also have a couple of San Churro stores with the new menu items.

You can check for yourself here. Home delivery is available too, through the usual methods.

The big exception is Victoria. Sorry Melburnians, you’ll have to sit this one out.

But hey, hopefully fresh churros and/or chocolatey drinks will suffice.

Image: Supplied