San Churro Is Slinging 20,000 Free Churro Loops To Gift To Your Interstate Mates

san churro free churro loops

2020 has been a bloody horrible year, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship or have family or friends interstate. But thankfully, the churro lords at San Churro have answered our prayers and are slinging free Churro Loops for your loved ones across the border.

Sure, you can’t cross the border and give your mates a big hug, but you *can* give them some dessert, which some would say is actually more enjoyable.

“Over the past few months, all of us have felt the distance brought on by isolation. This week is all about reigniting those connections and keeping loved ones in the loop. And, the only thing better than a made-fresh-to-order traditional Spanish churro is knowing that it was gifted by someone who is thinking of you,” San Churro CEO Giro Maurici said.

If you’re wondering what a Churro Loop is, it’s basically a loop of delicious churro topped with all of your favourite sweet treats.

Flavours include Chocolate, Flamingo (covered with sprinkles), Kooky Butter (covered with cookie butter and biscuit crumbs), Cookies & Cream, Unicorn (think churro fairy bread), and Plain Loop (traditional cinnamon sugar).

From September 21 to 28, you can “Loop In A Loved One” and sling them some free churros and a sweet message via the San Churro website.

They’re slinging 20,000 free churros as part of the offer, which is more than the amount of friends I personally have.

And even if you miss out on the freebie, they *also* have a mouth-watering buy-one-get-one-free offer if you’re keen to share the love.

Honestly, free desserts are the only thing getting me through 2020 at this stage, so go on, chuck your mates some sweet treats to get through this hellish year. It won’t even cost you a cent!