Hear ye, hear ye, chocolate-worshippers of the nation. If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps during iso season, let me gift you some delicious news: San Churro is offering free delivery all week, meaning you’ll be able to feast on all that dessert goodness without a) having to leave your house, and b) those annoying added travel costs. Love this for us.

From 27 July to 2 August, you can make the most of the free delivery offer from 28 stores around the country, including 10 from both Victoria and New South Wales (check out the full list below).

All you need to do is jump on its new online delivery service Delivery by San Churro, sign up as an el SOCIAL member (San Churro’s loyalty program), and you can capitalise on that free delivery all week, babay.

May this much-needed comfort food fill the iso-shaped hole in our souls. (Bit dark? Probably. Churros will make me feel better, though.)

It’s been a huge couple of days in the food realm, after Gelato Messina announced it was slinging fairy bread cookie pies this week, and it was revealed that US burger royalty Five Guys were set to make its Australian debut in 2021.

We deserve this.

Bon app the teeth.

Image: Supplied