Pretzel M&M’s Are Finally Coming To Aus So Get Ready For That Salty And Sweet Mouth Party

Turns out it’s World Chocolate Day today, and in the perfect way to celebrate, M&M’s has announced a brand new flavour coming to your local choccy aisle really soon. And for everyone who loves a bit of salty and sweet in their sneaky treats, get extremely keen because these bad boys are right up your alley. Pretzel M&M’s are finally landing in Australia, and I’m so bloody razzed up about it.

Chocolat-coated pretzel is a god-tier snack, and pretzel M&M’s are probably one of the few American candies I wished we had in bulk amounts over here in Australia. And now it’s happening and I’m absolutely going to power through – and immediately regret – at least one (1) bag of these tiny, delicious treats as soon as I can get my hands on them.

They do pretty much exactly what they say on the packet. The new M&M’s are tiny chunks of pretzel, coated in chocolate, and ensconced in a crunchy outer shell of sugary, coloured goodness.

pretzel M&Ms australia

Though these snacky treats are a quintessential American experience, they’re actually being made in Australia, at the home of our best invention/national treasure – Pods. Yep, these crunchy, salty-and-sweet babies will be produced over at the Mars/M&M factory in Ballarat, which I assume is similar to Willy Wonka’s factory on the inside. Full of secrets and weird inventions. I need to visit there and sample everything, thank you very much.

Packets of these salty sweeties hit the choccy aisle at Coles from July 13, and then in Woolies shops later on in the month. Considering all the other M&M flavs are $4.25 a bag, I’m gonna assume the new pretzel M&M’s will be the same price too. So go ahead and adjust your monthly budgets accordingly (and set aside maybe like $50 a month for bulk snack purchases.)