Zoë Foster-Blake Has Alerted Us To Crispy M&M’s Choc Spread, Which Is 100% A Lockdown Purchase


While doom-scrolling last night (I really don’t recommend doing that right now) I came across Zoë Foster Blake‘s Instagram story and saw a little something-something I had no idea existed. I’m talking about M&M’s chocolate spread with crispy pieces. Since when!!?

Foster Blake shared a piccie of the spread on Monday and from the sounds of it, the spread tastes gewd. 

“I should not have brought this because now it’s in our house. Where are mouths are,” the author and founder of Go-To skincare captioned the photo.


Instagram / @zotheysay

That is an absolute lockdown purchase if I’ve ever seen one. Not just because it’s a bloody jar of M&M’s chocolate spread with crispy pieces, but because it cost just a tiny bit more than your average choccie spread.

From what I can see online, the product has been around since at least November 2019. And googling it will lead you (me) to a couple of Aussie online retailers that sell it. However, they’re mostly sold out. And then there’s Amazon Australia, which – of course – has this baby stocked. The only slight caveat?

It’s $34! And that is 100 per cent why I’m marking this one down as an everything-sucks-I-want-to-eat-my-feelings lockdown purchase. This week’s news – and it’s only Tuesday – makes me want to shrivel up into the foetal position and spoon $34 worth of M&Ms spread into my mouth. What else can I do?

So if you want to do just that, you can suss out the M&M’s chocolate spread with crispy pieces right HERE.

One user on Amazon described it as a Nutella spread chock-full of M&Ms, if you want to make your own instead. My mouth just watered, far out.

By the way, I fell down a little hole googling M&M’s spread and stumbled across the peanut butter version from earlier this year. That’s peanut M&Ms combined with the candy, bits of milk chocolate, and real peanuts.

It’s real. 

It was only available for a limited time in the UK, but here’s hoping it makes an international comeback in the very, very near future.