Milkybar Whirl Choccy Exists Now & Where’s That Cowboy Kid Who Owes Us A Treat

Although you’ve probably only just gotten over your stash of Easter eggs, make space in the pantry for a new choccy treat. Nestlé has released Milkybar Whirl, which looks like it’s a perfect little clock of milky and milk chocolate swirled together into a best-of-both-worlds snack.

Made with the same real-milk deal as the classic Milkybar, the Whirl brings in milk choccy ripples to make it all the more indulgent. Is this like the Milkybar Kid’s version of the Top Deck? Probably. Am I here for it? Absolutely. Does he owe me one immediately? Without a doubt.

milkybar whirl kid
Give us the Milkybars, ya little jerk.

Come to think of it, where is that little twerp? He told me the Milkybars were on him and I think it’s about time he sticks to his word. If you see that little ratbag anywhere, let me know. He owes me a treat.

The Milkybar Whirls are apparently available at supermarkets right now, and a cursory search online shows me that Woolies currently have “share packs” of 11 bite-sized versions on special for $3. I can tell you right here and now that these aren’t gonna get “shared” at all.

Big W has the full offering of the Whirly boys, including 45g bars on special for $1, or 170g blocks for $4.50.

Guess that’s my weekend quest; trying to find – and immediately inhale – a block of this Milkybar Whirl. I can’t stop thinking about it. I just need to know how it goes, for science and research.

Go forth, and put it on that little shit’s tab. The Milkybar Whirl bars are on him.