Something very curious dropped into my inbox in the last 24 hours, with barely any context whatsoever. Someone over at the Violet Crumble camp sent me this image and said very little more.

violet crumble milk
???? Excuse me?

What we have here is the very strong chance that Violet Crumble flavoured milk is on its way to us all.

I dunno about you but even though I don’t really drink dairy milk anymore, the prospect of chocolate honeycomb flavoured milk is still making me salivate.

Look at this thing, it was just tossed into my inbox with zero context except for something about “Monday” and what can only be assumed as a knowing wink across email.

So let’s think about this, just rally break it down for a moment. Choccy honeycomb flavoured milk. Tastes like a Violet Crumble, the legendary Aussie treat we all know and love. Also, there’s 500ML of it in one bottle which is just alarming to me. That’s a heck of a lot of milky deliciousness.

Look it’s pretty obvious, and I don’t think the iconic Aussie choccy bar has ever been transformed into a drinkable treat before.

Shall we all just keep our eyes peeled on Monday to see what all this is about? Or if we’ve been led astray down some kind of delicious path?

Fingers crossed this Violet Crumble choccy milk is real because I do wish to sip. Just one little gulp.