KitKat has teamed up with beloved childhood lunchbox choccy Milkybar to give us the ultimate sweet treat.

The iconic collab is exactly what you’re thinking – KitKat’s crispy wafer smothered in Milkybar’s scrumptious white choccy – am I the only one drooling RN??

There will be three types of KitKat Milkybar chocolate on offer so you can choose to snack however you please. There’s a big boi block, a snack size bar for when you need your sweet fix on the go and even a share pack if you wanna let your mates in on the action.

KitKat And Milkybar Have Teamed Up To Unleash The Ultimate Choccy Treatie Of Our Dreams
YUM!!! [Image: Supplied]
News of the collab was first dropped over two weeks ago by food blogger @nectoriouspapi on Instagram, with his followers going absolutely buck wild at the three new sweeties on offer.

“Milky bar anything!!” one comment read.  “Ooh I can’t wait!” Wrote another of @nectoriouspapi’s followers.

Shannon Wright, the marketing manager for Nestlé shared her excitement at the collaboration.

“In bringing together not just Australia’s #1 chocolate bar but our favourite white chocolate too, this exciting mash-up, introduces a delicious addition to the KitKat range in Australia,” she said.

“And [it] lets fans enjoy their favourite break with a new milk twist.”

You can get your greasy little hands on the KitKat Milkybar bar from 7/11 stores in early April. for a tidy $2. If you’re not close to a 7/11 don’t sweat, you’ll be able to get this next level collab from other major supermarkets from May 3rd, with the $5 sharepacks appearing exclusively at Coles shops.

I, for one, am a girlie that loves a sweet little treat so you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be hunting down these bars of sugary deliciousness ASAP.