There’s no doubt that those little raspberry jubes by Allen’s Lollies are the supreme king of the party bag. They’re the best, and though they kinda don’t really taste like much more than ‘sweet’ and ‘red’, it’s undeniable that they’ll get picked out of a bowl of mixed lollies right behind the beloved red frogs. Well, now you can have a little raspberry, as a treat, because Allen’s has put out whole bags of incy wincy, choccy-coated ones in your local chocolate aisle.

After the lolly lords trialled mini choc-dipped raspberries in its pop-up stores around the country and watched them pretty much walk out the door, they’ve decided to bring them to your local choccy aisle at the shops as part of the permanent range.

Bags of the teeny Allen’s treaties have already popped up in Woolies stores and should be in your local Coles and independent supermarkets by the end of February.

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Look at them! So little and perfect for sharing with absolutely nobody whatsoever.

Also “4 pieces is one serving”? My god damn ass it is, Allen’s. You know I’m hoofing back the whole bag in one sitting.

The mini razzies are for sure going straight into my personal office snack drawer, alongside the other newbies from Allen’s in the confectionary aisle: Milkybar cookie bites and Kit-Kat snak-its. Fkn yes please give them to me right now, I’m clearing out space in my drawer right now. Who even needs a bulk pack of trail mix when teeny tiny choccies exist? Nobody, that’s who.

Baby choc-coated raspberries will set you back a tidy $4.50 for a packet, and they’re gluten-free as well, so give your gluten-intolerant/coeliac sweet-toothed mates a yell about these as well. They’ll bloody love ya for it, I bet.

Image: Instagram / @dessertaddictsanonymous