A Perth Woman Shared The Tale Of Her ‘Exploding’ Cheese & I Swiss Her Nothing But The Best

Photo of cheese and burnt knife and Remy from Ratatouille holding a piece of cheese and saying "oh no my cheese!"

There are some foods you expect a mild explosion from, such as the Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Beanies — a truly marvellous treat — or popcorn doing its thing in the microwave. I would argue cheese is not one of them, for it is usually a solid food that lends itself to being melted, grated and sliced. But one woman from Perth found her cheese defied the laws of serving suggestions and exploded.

It sounds like something the king of culinary chaos Heston Blumenthal would serve at one of his restaurants but alas, the incident happened at a fondue night among friends.

Reddit user LordGodJen posted a photo of a block a cheese, a scorched knife and a tiny piece of rope to the Perth subreddit, saying she’d bought a piece of cheese from the iconic Italian delicatessen The Re Store. The Perth girls who get it, get it.

“Bought cheese from the Re store and cut into it and it exploded,” she said.

“There was a small piece of rope within the cheese.

“Burnt and broke the knife! Any idea what’s happened?”

The exploding cheese must be seen to be believed.

Do I spy a nutty gruyere? Photo credit: Reddit / @LordGodJen.

In cheese terms, ’tis not a gouda sight. I can only imagine the fear that would’ve come from cutting into an unassuming block of cheese and finding a small piece of rope inside. And don’t even get me started on the burnt Baccarat knife.

The people in the comments were bamboozled to say the least.

“Strangest assassination attempt I’ve seen,” one person commented.

“Is the cheese okay?” wrote another.

“Are you a Russian oligarch by any chance?” asked a third.

They were all valid questions but obviously, the elephant in the room remained: how on Earth did this divine block of cheese become an electrical conductor?

Has Remy from Ratatouille forged a new career in engineering and forgot to tell the lovely ladies hosting their fondue night he’d been mucking around?

LordGodJen answered my prayers and provided an update giving us a wee bit more information.

She said her friend who was hosting the fondue night simply cut into the cheese and it exploded in her face. The host called the guests to deliver the intriguing news and, understandably, LordGodJen and her mates thought it was a gag.

“When we got there she was in absolute shock and we realised it wasn’t actually a joke so we went to see what was going on,” she said.

“At this point the cheese was on the paper wrapper with the burnt knife next to it by the sink. Due to the cheese’s location when we arrived, we assumed she was cutting the cheese on that specific counter so we could not figure out how it exploded.”

The friends searched far and wide to determine the cause of the exploding cheese and even carefully inspected the dairy product, but to no avail.

“At one point we were all questioning our sanity and wondered how on earth this cheese exploded,” LordGodJen said.

“We assumed maybe there was some sort of explosive that was accidentally in the cheese.”

That’s a truly distressing assumption to make on fondue night. I feel so terrible for these women — all they wanted was to melt some artisanal cheese and eat it with bread, but instead their evening turned into a bizarre Austin Powers movie.

The friends decided the show must go on, and they would use another cheese for their fondue. One pal wanted to grate said cheese using an electric grater but realised it wasn’t turning on and there was also a small cut in the wire.

One of the friends asked the host if she had cut the exploding cheese on the countertop and the host confirmed she had. In the immortal words of Tobias Fünke in Arrested Development: “And scene.”

“She had cut the cheese next to the electric grater but had accidentally put the paper wrapper above a small section of the appliance’s cable, as the wire was hidden she proceeded to cut the cheese and eventually cut the wire where it exploded in her face,” LordGodJen said.

“She was in shock and luckily wearing rubber soled footwear.”

In all seriousness, I’m glad the host wasn’t hurt because cutting into an electrical cable with a steel knife is an absolutely terrifying concept. But also, I don’t know why she didn’t use a cutting board, which is designed among many other things to eliminate such whoopsie daisies.

The Re Store uploaded a screenshot of the Reddit post to Instagram, asking this same question in the caption.

Hopefully the night wasn’t a complete fondoozy and the experience brought the ladies even closer. A bit like the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, but with exploding cheese instead.