Feast your hungry, undeserving eyes on Australia’s largest cheese fridge, situated in the newly-opened European Foods Marketplace in Osborne Park, Perth. Un-brie-lievable.

“This Marketplace is very different, something that’s not been done in Perth,” European Foods CEO Miguel Buccellato said, according to Broadsheet. “We’re trying to build something for chefs, it’s a space for new and innovative products.”

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“Our cheese fridge is the BIGGEST in Australia,” their ‘gram boasts, “& filled with the world’s best cheeses from France, Netherlands, Italy, England, Spain, Australia & more!” My tummy’s already rumbling.

Alongside this whopper of a fridge, the Marketplace also includes a café and cooking demonstration areas. Although sales are predominately focused around wholesale customers, us hungry folk are able to nab some cheesy goodness if we become members. Memberships are currently being offered for free, so I guess it’s time to milk it for all it’s worth.

For more cheesy info, head on over to their offical website. I just want to hulk-smash my face into every single wheel right now.

Head down 90 Frobisher Street, Osborne Park, now, now, NOW… I’ll meet you there. BRB, checking flights to Perth.

Source: Broadsheet

Image: Getty Images / @europeanfoods_au