That Holy “Cheese Cathedral” In Perth Is Having A Huge Bloody Sale, So Praise Cheesus

european foods marketplace

Don’t freak out but Australia’s largest cheese room, which is usually only open to the hospitality industry, is having a huge sale for all of us cheese-loving plebeians.

European Foods Marketplace, a Perth-based gourmet food wholesaler, is opening its doors to the general public later this month and cutting prices on a number of products, including their huge stockpile of cheeses.

The Osborne Park showroom even has its own “cheese cathedral,” which is home to more than 350 different varieties of cheese. Yes, a cheese cathedral. Sydney may have the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, but Perth has the fucking Cheese Cathedral.

The sale includes a number of fancy imported cheeses like English Wensleydale (which sounds like the sort of cheese to have a degree from Oxford), as well as good ol’ Aussie-made haloumi and mascarpone.

You may not be able to travel around the world right now, but you can take a Tour de Cheese by getting your hands on some discounted aged Swiss cheese, French Délice des Crémiers and Italian gorgonzola.  Sure, it won’t give you the same ‘gram content, but who needs poolside thirst-traps when you can share photos of your gourmet cheese board?

If you’re keen on showing off your cheese board-making skills, you can also stock up on antipasti goodies at a cheap price, which seems like the perfect way to remind your Zoom mates that you’re the group Martha Stewart.

To make it even more enticing, you don’t even have to buy food service portions anymore, which means you can’t justify a 2kg block of brie anymore because they’ll happily serve you up a much smaller 200g portion.

The clearance sale kicks off tomorrow Saturday May 2 at 9am, and will run throughout May. You can shop online with free click-and-collect and free delivery within nearby suburbs.

You can check out the range on the European Foods Marketplace website.