A Melbourne Pizza Joint Broke A World Record With 154-Cheese Pizzy

We love to celebrate a good local triumph and if it includes something delicious like cheese, it’s a huge bonus. This is absolutely one of those stories. Melbourne‘s 400 Gradi has officially taken home the Guinness World Record for ‘Greatest Variety Of Cheese On A Pizza‘ – topping the former record of 111 varieties of cheese.

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Johnny di Francesco is not new to the cheesy pizzy game – he previously held the record up until early last year with a gorgeously fromage-laden 99 cheese pizza that we definitely have told you about before.

After his efforts were bested in early 2018 with a 111-cheese pizza, Johnny went back to work to not only match the 111 kinds of cheese but beat it by another 53 types. Yep, literally a 154-cheese pizza. And I want to eat it immediately.

Johnny’s determination to make a pizza that will single-handedly give you cheesemares for a solid week was birthed back in September 2018 and he slung hundreds of them out the doors of 400 Gradi up until the end of January this year. Only this week did Guinness World Records officially put his successes out to the masses.

I know what you’re thinking: “how the frick did he make a pizza with that much cheese?” and the answer is not in the number of cheeses, but the amount that he used.

According to Guinness World Records, A mere gram of each cheese was used to make the pizzas, and to be able to roll out the pizzys in other stores, Johnny and his team melted down all of the cheeses and chilled it into a huge block.

Imagine that block of cheese with 154 different varieties in it. Just think about taking a big bite out of it when you’re a bit peckish and need a midnight snack. My god.

Here’s me, after eating the pizzy.

Though 400 Gradi are not currently making the Cheesy Pizzy at the moment, I think they should still make me one. Make me the pizzy and give it to me. I wish to taste the big cheese. I demand to have that complex, and probably overwhelming flavour in my mouth immediately.

Johnny, make the pizzy. Make the pizzy and Give. It. To Me.