HAVE MERCY: Sizzler Is Now Delivering Its Salad Bar & Yep, That Includes Cheese Toast

In something that might just save not only our souls and sanity in isolation but also the restaurant chain itself, Sizzler (yes, that Sizzler) has unleashed its menu on delivery, including the famed salad bar.

Oh my God this information has just sent us all into a bloody tizzy, I tell you what.

If you’re within one of the few remaining Sizzlers across the country, you can totally order its various grills, wraps, melts, and kids meals for delivery right to your doorstep. There are literally only nine (9) of these iconic food institutions left, and I’m deeply upset that I’m not in the catchment for any of them.

But I digress, the most important thing here is that you can fully order from the salad bar goodness. Legit, for $11 you get to choose from a salad, a dessert, and a drink. Every salad bar order comes with a serve of bolognese and potato skins with sour cream (or wedges if you’re in Western Australia.)

I’m genuinely drooling at the thought of Sizzler delivery, this is an incredible discovery.


The best part though? Every meal you order comes with a free (!!!) serve of that fucked-up good cheese toast. And if that’s not enough, you can tack on more cheesy toast for $1 a pop.

It’s all…weirdly quite cheap as well? Like, the most expensive thing on the menu is the 200g rump steak and “malibu” (which is a chicken breast with ham, melted swiss cheese and Malibu sauce) and that’s only $25.95. I’m obsessed.

So please, if you live in any proximity to a Sizzler, you can get a feed brought to you through your Menulog delivery app, or you can make an order to pick up from the restaurant if you’re just out of the radius.

My God I want Sizzler to make a motza off this so it can make a big return post-iso. It’s all I ask.