This Artist’s Paintings Are Peak Aussie Nostalgia & We’re Giving Away 20 Of These Beauties
PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with KEEN'S to add some spice to your life.

Ahhh curry, there exist few two-syllable words that fill me with more joy. Say it with me, go on, don’t be shy. There, didn’t that feel good? You don’t need to answer that, I know it felt good. Because curry is good, curry is more than good, curry is a wonderful, versatile gift from some benevolent higher force, and we, the mere mortals that ingest it, are not worthy.

Which is why I am absolutely delighted to inform you that you could win one of 20 limited edition prints of the iconic KEEN’s curry powder made by a wildly talented Aussie artist.

Whomst is this talented Aussie artist I speak of? Well, it’s none other than Adelaide-born artist Billie Justice Thomson, a prolific artist whose work reflects on her obsession with nostalgia and iconic food imagery — and what’s more iconic than a tin of KEEN’S aye?

Billie specialises in creating watercolour paintings on glass and Perspex, a technique which evokes the feeling of viewing scenes of nostalgic domestic simplicity through glass shop windows or displays. Through her work, Billie pays homage to the delights of ‘eating, drinking and the day-to-day miracles of existence.”

Since finishing up her painting studies at the University of South Australia back in 2008, Billie has garnered a cult following for her nostalgia-inducing style. A style which has seen her exhibit widely in Melbourne, where she lived between 2010 to 2016, and her hometown of Adelaide, in which she currently resides.

So if you’re keen as mustard for this prize (I’m truly sorry), then all you have to do is fill out the form below and tell us what your favourite KEEN’S curry dish is in 25 words or less.

Don’t constrain yourself here my dear curry fans, be as creative as you like. Maybe you wanna tell us about your nan’s unbeatable curried sausage recipe, or tell us about your go-to never-fail date night curry recipe (though I’ll never share the secrets of mine).

This Artist’s Paintings Are Peak Aussie Nostalgia & We’re Giving Away 20 Of These Beauties

Or perhaps you may fancy really spreading your wings and tell us about a dish that doesn’t even exist yet — no one’s stopping you from going full Ratatouille and getting mad experimental in the kitchen with a tin of KEEN’S.

But whatever you do, just remember: Keep calm and curry on (I’m sorry, I’ll log out now).

Image: KEEN'S / Pokemon