This Deranged Video Of Michaelia Cash Saying “Have A Curry For The Country” Has Ruined Me

Michaelia Cash

Aussie politicians aren’t necessarily good for much, but they are very good at giving completely deranged sound bites in otherwise uneventful interviews. Today’s extremely cooked example is brought to you by federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash, who somehow went full Kath Day-Night while speaking with SBS News.

As the nation starts to relax the strict lockdown rules of the past several months, venues like cafes and pubs are slowly reopening state by state, albeit with strict social distancing rules still in place. In an interview yesterday about reopening the economy, Michaelia Cash seemed very, very, very excited at the prospect of getting stuck into a chicken korma.

When asked about the idea of Aussies supporting restaurants by having “a curry for the country”, she slipped into some kind of unhinged, manic state. “I’m going to tell the Prime Minister that one!” she said. “A curry for the country, I love it! I love Indian food! It’s my favourite food! I promise you I will do that!” You can watch the video below, as I have done at least twenty times this morning:

Someone please get Michaelia Cash a curry already.

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars have begun to reopen Queensland this weekend, with a strict limit of ten sit-down customers at a time. NSW, Tasmania, WA and the ACT have followed suit, allowing pubs to reopen for limited numbers of customers.

Pubs have reopened in the Northern Territory, serving alcohol with meals only. Victoria is allowing people to have up to five visitors at home, although there is no word yet on when restrictions around cafes and restaurants will ease there or in South Australia.