New Doritos Crackers Are On Shelves Now & People Have Serious Feels

doritos crackers review

ICYMI: Doritos announced they’d be seriously shaking up our snacking experience by throwing their hat into the crackers game and today marks the first day you can get your hands on ’em. Seeing as your in-between-meal-eating could arguably never be the same, we thought y’all would benefit from a lil’ Doritos Crackers review. The more you know, etc.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of their existence, then let’s get you up to speed. Each *kisses fingers* cracker is baked not fried, packs quite a punch in terms of flavour, and backs it up with some mighty fine crunch appeal. The range itself is made up of four flavours: Cheese SupremeMexicanaTexan BBQ and Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream.

Permission to die and go to snacking heaven = granted.

P.TV were sent a truckload of the flavours in order to conduct this very legitimate Doritos Crackers review – and we’re happy to share that yes, they’re as good as you would hope they’d be.

Baked not fried? That makes me feel slightly less guilty about eating them or scoffing a burger tbh. – Melissa Mason, Senior Style Editor

Doritos Crackers are exactly what’s been missing in the Big Savoury Bickie game: solid competition to the humble Chicken Crimpy Shape. They’ve got a healthy amount of flavour, and their smaller shape means it’s less likely that I’m going to obliterate the roof of my mouth with the edge of the cracker. The crackers are structurally sound to handle an acceptable amount of dip, so there’s less chance you’ll have to go in with a rescue chip when you break off the first one in the communal hommus. – Courtney Fry, Multimedia and News Writer.

True to Dorito’s DNA, the new crackers were stacked with flavour that didn’t end until I licked my fingers clean. Can’t wait to dish ’em out at my next ~get together~. – Chantelle Schmidt, Native Content Producer.

And FYI, Doritos Crackers are a world-first for the brand, meaning us Aussies are the first to cop ’em (taste it, America).

You can conduct your own Doritos Crackers review/add them to your regular snacking rotation by grabbing a pack from grocery stores + petrol/convenience stores nationally. Happy eating, crew.