PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Doritos to bring you cheesy pizza goodness.

Any pizza lover will tell you that there are two distinct types of pizza cravings. First is the kind, usually, after 2 am, where you literally want to inhale the cheapest, greasiest pizza you can get your hands on. The other mood is the complete opposite, where you want nothing more than to savour the taste of carefully-made, quality dough topped with gourmet ingredients.

To celebrate the launch of Doritos Crackers new ‘Meat Lovers Pizza’ and ‘Cheesy Pizza’ flavours, six top-notch pizzerias across Australia have each been tasked with whipping up their very own bespoke menu items featuring the tasty treats, with the winning restaurant taking home a $30k prize.

Perth mates, this one’s for you. If you haven’t heard of Lucy’s Love Shack, what the heck is wrong with ya? This establishment is gloriously candid about what it’s offering: “pizza, party & piss” – which is sometimes exactly what you’re after.

Their Doritos Crackers-inspired recipe fuses waffles with pizza and we’re definitely interested. To make the Crumbed Mozzarella Waffle Pepperoni Pizza they take crumbed mozzarella sticks coated in flour, egg and Doritos ‘Meat Lovers Pizza’ crackers, which are then pressed into a waffle pizza base and topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni and, you guessed it, more mozzarella.

Keep your eyes peeled for the other competitors’ profiles, and stay tuned for further Doritos pizza goodness. It’s going to be a bloody tough decision to make. Either way, we’re salivating.

Image: Instagram / @lucys_love_shack