Spare A Sunday Brain Cell For The Child Who Almost Got This Cursed Minion Cake For His B-Day

There’s just something about cursed cakes that truly sends the internet into a tizzy. For example, we had the infamous “poo with sprinkles” cake fail and the CakeGate drama of April 2023 that had netizens frothing. And now, CakeTok has blessed us with another cooked story.

Our tale begins with a US TikToker, who goes by the username @bbygirls0s0, who documented the prep of her son’s birthday party, which was minions theme. If you’re not sure what minions are, they are those yellow creatures from the Despicable Me franchise.

After she posted a video of what the party decor looked like, she posted a second TikTok showing an epic cake fail from H-E-B — a supermarket chain located in the US.

“I just picked up my son’s minion cake from H-E-B and this is the ugliest fucking thing I’ve ever seen,” the mother began in her TikTok, which has garnered more than 16.6 million views.

“It is totally fixable, and I’m not that picky, so I just took it. But this is the ugliest fucking thing ever.”

The TikToker went on to show what the inspo was for her cake, which was a regular round cake with an innocent minion’s face. Honestly, as someone who doesn’t bake, I reckon I could tackle this design. That’s how simple and easy it looks!

She then explained that the employee asked if she wanted an ombre design, to which she said no and added that she didn’t really want it to be fancy.

The TikTok then cuts to the “this is what I got” bit and it bloody SENT ME.

Gooped. Gagged. SHOOK.

That cake is nothing like the request. They even added the ombre when she said she didn’t want it.

The goggles and mouth are non-existent. They’ve added a random ribbon instead of writing on the bottom of the cake, and don’t even get me started on the placement of the eyes.

In a TikTok update, the mother revealed how she fixed her son’s cake, and thank fuck she was able to transform that monstrosity.

(Image source: TikTok / @babygirls0s0)

“Look how cute it turned out,” she said.

“Lesson learned: I will not be going to H-E-B. Got me fucked up.”

According to, custom cake orders from the supermarket chain range from USD$8.98 to USD$49.98. It also states on its official site that you only need to give your store a 24-hour heads up — which, to me, is quite short notice.

Under the OG video, many folks shared their cake horror stories with the supermarket giant. Others just cackled at the epic fail.

“I had HEB do my wedding cake because I had a super simple design. They messed up SO BAD. It was delivered on wedding day & I had to redo it myself,” one person wrote.

“When you said ‘it’s totally fixable’ I was not expecting THAT,” another TikToker added.

“Nothing could have prepared me for the reveal,” wrote a third.

Ahhh, I love a good cake fail, and this one is just *chef’s kiss*.