A US Tourist Has Turned Off Comments On Her Vid Listing All The Reasons She Didn’t Like Europe

An American TikToker by the name of Annie (@thestrawberryannie) has caused quite a stir online after her list of things she didn’t like about Europe clocked nearly five million views. America, what a place.

The list was sourced from nine weeks worth of travel in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Germany, according to the caption in the series’ second part.

“I used to romanticise Europe,” Annie begins.

“But after going there three times I feel like I’ve really gotten to see what it truly is.

“So I’ve been able to make a list of the things I don’t really like.”

Even before the list starts, you just know we’re in for a juicy time.

I can’t wait to hear everything compared to US standards, a country that is absolutely doing great in every respect

Annie starts the list with the fact that Europe has “no condiments”, citing that “Europe” (said as though it were a country) didn’t serve calamari with cocktail sauce or tartar sauce.

Next up we have “no shower curtains” because it was “all glass walls” instead.

Hang on, what? Shower curtains are gross lol. Gimme glass walls any day of the week.

A few other low-lights from the list are “no vending machines”, “missing toilet seats”, “French fries are really bad”, “shopping bags cost $$”, and my personal favourite “hot coffee served in glasses with no handle”.

She’d lose her marbles if she ever came to Australia and ordered a latte.

At this point, I’m less frustrated and more entertained.

Someone give this woman her own travel show on TV.

Wouldn’t it be to see her go to the Pyramids of Giza and say something like “the Wi-Fi was so bad”?

Sadly, the internet is a cruel place sometimes and Annie was forced to turn off the comments on both her original video and part two video due to copping some serious flack.

In response, she put up a separate video detailing the things she did like about Europe.

But honestly, it was far less amusing.

We preferred her old shit.