A Woman Has Gone Viral For Sharing The Fked Moment Her Foot Got Bent On A Gold Coast Ride

CONTENT WARNING: This article features content that may be distressing to some readers.

The Final Destination franchise has definitely put a damper on some folk’s perception of amusement park rides. If you’re deathly afraid of these thrilling inventions, here’s another fucked tale of caution that’ll throw you off for good.

Last month, Pippa Sutherland (@Pippasutherland) posted a video where her foot literally bent to one side on a Gold Coast slingshot ride. According to news.com.au, the incident reportedly took place at Slingshot Surfers Paradise.

“Surprised my foot is still in one piece after that,” the 22-year-old wrote in the caption of the TikTok, which now has more than 4.1 million views.

The video starts off with Pippa being wheeled through a hospital wing and then limping out of a building. It then cuts to the gruesome moment where her foot bends on the slingshot ride.

In the comment section, Pippa added that the incident happened at the very end of her ride.

Many users who came across the video posed a plethora of questions to the TikToker, with most folks asking her why she didn’t move her foot.

“Soooo common sense didn’t say to you ‘move your foot’?” one person asked.

“Ok, forget the ‘why are you resting your feet there?’… How about where are your shoes and who let you on without them??!” a second user added.

In response to one comment — which asked for the foot-bending video without the added background music — Pippa posted a second video with the raw audio and a lengthy caption detailing what happened.

In the second TikTok, Pippa can be heard saying, “Ow, my foot” and asking the staff member to “wait”. Unfortunately, it seemed that the ride operator didn’t hear her and continued to move the ride seat. This is where you can see Pippa’s foot bend.

“My legs were tucked at the start because I was saying to my friends, ‘This is what my legs were like in the air’ (because I was tensing my legs during the ride lol),” Pippa wrote in the caption of the follow-up video, which now has more than 5.3 million views.

“Once again, we were not instructed to keep our legs out at any point, my foot was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…

“And as you can see my foot was not resting on the stopper, from the point of contact it was stuck.

She added that she wouldn’t be suing the company as the staff were “very lovely” and apologetic for what had happened to her foot.

In this video, commenters were more supportive, with some folks pushing Pippa to pursue a lawsuit.

“Lawyer for sure. even if they had u sign a waiver,” one user wrote.

“That’s soo dangerous! something definitely needs to be done about this and changed so that something worse doesn’t happen,” a second person added.

According to the attraction’s website, the Slingshot Surfers Paradise shoots thrill-seekers into the air “at speeds up to 160km/hour”.

“Experience the thrill of a lifetime with our Slingshot ride in Surfers Paradise, Australia,” its website reads.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Slingshot Surfers Paradise for comment.