Behold, A Woman Collecting An Entire Bin Chook With Her Face On A QLD Rollercoaster

Footage of a woman smacking into an ibis while riding a Gold Coast rollercoaster has gone viral, prompting questions over who was more surprised: her or the bird.

[jwplayer RyevJyvL]

Taking to Facebook on Sunday, Nicole Ormiston shared a video of a woman identified as Paige absolutely clobbering a bird with her face while riding Movie World’s DC Rivals Hypercoaster.

There are only so many words one can say about such an incident, and we know you want to observe for yourself, so please go ahead:

Yep. Thwack.

Ormiston writes that Paige sustained only minor injuries from the impact, and walked off the ride with “feathers on her and a beak scratch on her right shoulder.

“She’s completely shocked, a little bruised but ok,” she added. Obviously the incident wasn’t severe enough to dissuade her from buying the video at the end of the ride.

There is no word on the bird, but you can reasonably assume it’s not a fan of rollercoasters.

The DC Rivals Hypercoaster is billed as the “tallest, longest and fastest” ride of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, with thrillseekers reaching speeds of up to 115km/h.

The ride’s safety checklist advises riders to expect changes in “speed, direction and elevation,” as well as “sudden special effects.” Make of that what you will.

It appears the impact occurred near the crest of an incline, meaning bird met face at a relatively low speed – no Fabio-esque blood splatter here, folks.

Movie World has not yet commented on the incident.