The Queen Who Got Torpedoed Into The Turf At The NRL Said Streaking Was A Bucket List Moment

nrl tackle gold coast woman javon interview

If you caught the Parramatta Eels and Gold Coast Titans game on Saturday you would have witnessed one of the best incidents of streaking in a long time.

A woman got out on the turf, ripped her shirt off and legged it from one end of Cbus Super Stadium to the other before getting absolutely poleaxed by a security guard. The footage is simply glorious and the collective “PHWOOOAAAR” from the crowd is so good.

Hell, even Parra Eels’ Mitch Moses — who was lining up for a conversion kick at the time — reacted spectacularly to this woman getting absolutely bodied out of nowhere.

The pitch intruder/streaker known only as Javon has since been extracted from the earth beneath the Gold Coast home ground and has spoken about being folded in half in front of the game and everyone online.

Triple M Cairns got in touch with her (or at least someone who claims to be her) on Monday morning where she said she didn’t have any issues with being on the receiving end of a tackle that would have pummelled my entire existence into the earth’s mantle.

“The tackle was honestly fine,” she said.

“It was more so just how much air I got. That made it look so much worse. But he could have grabbed me and I would have fallen over.

“I think it’s fair play. I got what I deserved. He should keep his job.”

Javon said getting out onto the ground was a “bucket list” item for her, but didn’t plan to reef her shirt off until the adrenaline started coursing through her veins.

“The adrenaline of the crowd – you just hear this big roar – and I immediately thought I had to take off my top now,” she said.

“I was so close to doing my bra, but I thought that was a bit far. I can’t believe how far I got. You can’t even see anyone. It just happened so fast.”

Javon also said she had no issues with being tackled so heavily because she’s very used to it.

Apparently, she’s grown up playing footy and has three brothers so being speared by a secco on the manicured turf of a professional ground probably felt like being pushed onto a bed of cushions and fairy floss.

“But I used to play AFL, rugby and had three brothers, so getting tackled was not a problem.”

Footy fans gave it back to the NRL’s security guards after Javon’s big hit. One of the multiple pitch invaders who ran onto the ground at Sunday’s game between Cronulla Sharks and Wests Tigers immediately collected a guard and ploughed him into the grass.

It’s all happening at the NRL, folks — and it’s a lot more entertainment than what the Tigers gave this weekend, am I right?