A Brit TikToker Fkn Roasted The Sunshine Coast & Qld Folk Are Sounding Off About Her Take

A British visitor to the Sunshine Coast absolutely roasted the place to bits and let me tell you, the Queenslanders were not happy about this one.

TikToker @Glasbyj shared a vid on TikTok laying out her beef with the Sunny Coast.

In her vid, she listed a couple of different reasons, including: “Everywhere is closed by 8pm”, walking around in bikinis not being accepted, no “beach clubs” or nightlife and no places to eat out past 7pm.

She also reckoned no one in the area “wants to have fun” and bemoaned the lack of beach clubs and open sea boat trips.

@glasbyj Time for the next adventure. 🗺 #australia #immigration #travel #cultureshock #move ♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

She explained that when she jetted off, she thought the Sunshine Coast would be a bit more like Europe. But alas.

As someone who grew up in Adelaide, I’m obviously biased about the best bits of the country (and I still maintain South Aus has the nicest beaches). But I have to say, I feel a bit bad for the Sunny Coast here — though people in the comments were more divided.

There were a fair few Sunshine Coast defenders, with some TikTok commenters saying it was all about where you go on the SC. And I have to say, the pics I’ve seen on Insta? Pretty bloody stunning.

One person commented that they grew up on the Sunshine Coast, adding “bikinis and thongs” are accepted everywhere you go.

But a bunch of other people took the opportunity to absolutely big up the Gold Coast, comparing the Sunshine Coast to a “retirement village”. Ouch.

“You picked the wrong coast — Gold Coast is young and happening. The Sunny Coast is for retired people,” wrote one commenter.

This was a sentiment reiterated by a number of people, with others taking the opportunity to give Brisbane a bit of a plug too.

Forget state rivalries, I’m now obsessed with Queensland’s inter-coast rivalry. Frankly I’m disappointed we didn’t get any Cairns and Far North Queensland lovers in the comment mix too.

I won’t lie, this debate has absolutely piqued my curiosity about the Sunshine Coast. I can think of worse ways to spend a holiday than lying on a gorgeous beach with retirees, White Lotus style.

It was also recently in the news ‘cos schoolies attendees up there have reportedly been chilling at the beach instead of binge-drinking. Now that is bloody wholesome.

So you know what? Justice for the Sunshine Coast. I’m planning my trip as we speak.

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