Messina Is Bringing Back Its Mango Pancakes & I’m Goin’ Full Year Of The Rat For ‘Em

To celebrate lunar new year this year, Gelato Messina is bringing back one of its best desserts for a hot minute. Yep, it’s the best part of yum cha, the one thing you end up half off your chair craning your neck for, the only thing worth battling a busy restaurant on a Sunday with a nuclear-grade hangover for; mango pancakes.

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2020 is the year of the rat and you can absolutely guarantee I’ll be going as feral as a little rodent for these mango pancakes, I simply love them too much. I’ve nearly fallen out of my seat in yum cha restaurants trying to spot my precious pancakes so I can get the attention of the person wheeling that precious cargo out of the kitchens.

Messina is teaming up with Melbourne’s Wonderbao this year to create a selection of treats to ring in the new lunar year, with Wonderbao on the savouries and Messina on the sweeties.

Messina wonderbao lunar new year
YOM. (Image: Gelato Messina)

The wee menu landing at Messina’s Rosebury gelateria/factory includes a lobster baoguette, which is a cross between a lobster roll and a bao, and three flavours of bao (of course.) The dessert lords will be concocting an Earl Grey tea with their decadent dulce de leche, and a lychee soda with mango and coconut jellies.

But the clear star of the show is those delicious little pancake jerks. Ugh, my heart. If you’ve not experienced Messina’s pancake situation, picture this. A light, perfectly-cooked pancake parcel, filled with fluffy whipped cream and a little finger of mango sorbet. It’s bliss.

The lunar new year treat will be landing at Messina’s Rosebury store for a very limited time on January 31 and Feb 1 from 12pm till late. Who knows when they’ll be back after this little return, so clear your schedule.