Back again for the third time in the last 18 months or so, Theivery in Sydney’s inner west has transformed into a beaut little Middle Eastern yum cha spot, dishing up their versions of all the tiny delish foods that you’d normally hoover down on Dixon St.

The special yum cha menu will run at the Glebe eatery until November 10, and features the likes of baba ganoush dumplings (uh, yum), Lebanese prawn toast sprinkled in sumac, lamb kofta manti (crispy pot-sticker dumplings), Chinese fried chicken, and a middle eastern strange flavoured fish which I can’t quite imagine the flavour of but I’d give it a red hot go.

As is what I believe to be tradition, custom, and the law of any yum cha menu, my beloved mango pancakes are on the list as both a dessert and a breakfast item (!!!) and I simply demand to eat them immediately. Bring me the full-sized mango pancakes with dukkah and molasses right now.

LOOK AT THEM. They’re not the perfectly-rolled magic that I always get from Marigold down in Chinatown but hot damn they look good as shit.

I refuse to believe that there’s anything more satisfying on a dusty hangover Sunday lunchtime than a bunch of dumpaleens and tiny, bite-sized foods paraded in front of me on a flurry of little carts that I’m about 80% sure were salvaged from an airline auction. I’m so glad that more places are taking the yum cha vibe and incorporating their own flavs into it.

Having both Chin Chin and Thievery doing it feels like some kind of hungover foodie heaven and I’m here for it.

Thievery is blending together the yum cha experience with the world of bottomless brunch for this round of the menu makeover, too. If you’re into a boozed-up tea – not quite the custom for traditional yum cha drinks but I’ll take that hair of the dog anyway – you can tack on 90 mins of bottomless green tea sangira onto the lunch banquet for $32 per head.

Image: Instagram / @thethievery