Prep Thine Chunt Holes ’Cos Messina Just Dropped An Illegal Lamington Gelato Bar Into Shops

gelato messina lamington bar peters

Here’s some truly delicious news for your afternoon: Messina and Peter’s have collaborated yet again to bring a brand new gelato bar to the freezer section at the shops. Prepare your mouths, guts, and saliva glands because the new flavour is about to smack you right in the nostalgia – it’s lamington, baby.

Remember when they launched those truly rude bars this time last year? We were blessed with three flavours – espresso dulce de leche, strawberry cheesecake, and choc-hazlenut, and now lamington gelato bar makes its debut into the freezer aisle at Woolies and Coles.

I love all my delectable gelato children, but especially this lamington one.

messina peters lamington gelato bar

The new lamington gelato bar has all the classic trimmings of the Aussie fave treat – you’ve got the crumbly desiccated coconut, the gooey and jammy raspberry sauce centre, and the all-important chocolate doing double duties as the actual gelato, and then again as the crunchy outer shell to keep everything as low-mess as possible. Fucken yum.

In place of the fluffy sponge – because that’s a bit tricky to work into a frozen bar format – the new Messina bars have a biscuit base, which is just as yum if you ask me. At least it still gives you that hint of a buttery, cake-like taste while also being vital to the structural integrity of the bar itself.

It’s also fkn huge news for those of us who simply do not have a Messina up the road like they do in the city. Having Messina-grade treaties in the freezer at the shops, and then the freezer at home? You bloody beauty.

If you’re itching to wrap your lips around one of these yum new gelato bars, you can buy them right now (October 18) at your local Coles and Woolies. Plus, a four-pack will only set you back a tight $10.

A tenner for four bars of pure lamington joy? Yes please and thank you.

The Messina X Peters collab is also giving away a chest freezer-load of these bars from October 19, with every purchase made at Messina – either in store or on UberEats – until stocks last.