Messina Is Piffing Free Big Cookie Pies Tomorrow To Pair Perfectly With A Glob Of Gelato

So, we all know how much you lot have been getting all wild on baking while in isolation – it’s like your third option of fight or flight has been ‘proof a ball of dough and make something to eat’, which is great. Love that for you. A big PSA for all you baking binches out there: Gelato Messina is giving out free ready-to-bake cookie pies tomorrow with ice cream orders.

Now, THIS is something to preheat the oven over.

For Deliveroo orders of ice cream/gelato treats over $32 on Friday, Messina will chuck in a cookie pie that just needs to be baked and then served with a big glob of frozen yums.

Literally just bung it in the oven for 12-14 mins, and you’ve got a warm, gooey treat to go alongside the litres of frozen gelati you’ve indulged yourself in.

Seriously, just look at this nonsense:

messina cookie pie
messina cookie pie
A sound just escaped my throat that was 100% not human.

I tried to think about what combo of gelato I would get so I could perfectly pair it with this gooey, crumbly, warm cookie goodness. I’m thinking the Nicky Glasses with all its coffee and salted caramel goodness, maybe the classic Dulce De Leche to really pack on the indulgence, and just to fuck it up a little, let’s go the Dark Side one, packing the choc on choc business ‘cos that’s chocolate fondant gelato with dark chocolate fudge and cocoa nib nougatine. Go wild, it’s iso babey, nobody gives a shit anymore.

So the nitty-gritty about these fucked-up good cookie pies – you can only cop them through Deliveroo orders from 5pm, it’s available at all shops except The Star, Circular Quay, and Coolangatta, and you gotta spend $32 (like that’s hard, lol.)

I’d tell you to put your stretchiest pants on, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve been in them for the last month anyway. Treat yourself, it’s been a long week, a long month, and a long-ass year.