Our Prayers Have Been Answered ‘Cos Messina’s Choc Chip Cookie Pies Are Back, Baby

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The Gelato Messina ready-to-bake choc chip cookie pie is back. I bloody repeat – the Gelato Messina ready-to-bake choc chip cookie pie is back. Take me outta the oven, ’cause I’m done trying to eat healthy during iso and am in desperate need of some choc chip goodness.

After the mammoth success of the choc chip cookie’s release last month, followed by the release of the equally delectable red velvet cookie pie, the Messina gang have brought back the OG cookie for our blessed consideration.

For just 20 bucks, you can pre-order the cookie, pick it up from your closest Messina store and get to bakin’. Cooking time is roughly 10-12 minutes, which will obviously depend on your respective oven, and is meant to serve 2-6 people (even though we know it’ll be consumed by 1 person and 1 person only).

Salivating stuff.

There are a couple of bundles, in case you want to add ice-cream (which is simply a must):

  • Choc-Chip Cookie Pie on it’s own: $20
  • Choc-Chip Cookie Pie + 500ml tub: $28
  • Choc-Chip Cookie Pie + 1ltr tub: $34
  • Choc-Chip Cookie Pie + 1.5ltr: $39

You can pre-order now from Gelato Messina here, and pick up the feast in-store between Thursday 14th – Sunday 17th May.

My body is ready, my tummy is tingling and my fanny is fluttering.