God-Tier Treat Cherry Ripe Is Now In Ice Cream Stick Form In The Freezer Aisle At The Shops

Australia’s oldest (and arguably best) choccy, the Cherry Ripe, has been reinvented as a frozen treat in the form of ice cream sticks and they’ve just landed in the freezer aisle at the supermarket. Who cares that it’s about to be winter, I absolutely want to rip the top off one of these right now.

Quietly popping up in the frozen treats section of Woolies and Coles, the four packs of ice creams look like absolute bloody heaven, I tell ya what.

The delish-looking treats feature a creamy cherry ice cream with bits of coconut littered through it (uh, yum) encased in a crackly covering of dark, Old Gold chocolate. This is just so rude, and sounds like it’s gonna give the old Magnum Ego a run for its money on the levels of yummy decadence.

cherry ripe ice cream

My favourite thing about the humble Cherry Ripe is that they’re made with dark chocolate, so you can have one and feel like your choccy cravings are satisfied. Or you can do what I do and eat a bunch, and not feel bad because dark chocolate is healthier, right? Right?? Pretty sure that’s how it works.

The four packs of Cherry Ripe ice creams are currently going for $8.50 at both Coles and Woolworths, and I’m sure you can find them at independent grocers, and your local as well.

In having a little nose around for these frozen treats, I also stumbled upon this fucking gamechanger: Old Gold Cherry Ripe blocks. Holy SHIT these look dangerous and delicious.

cherry ripe old gold

Yes, I know that the only other person who eats Old Gold is my Dad. And yes, I will be tracking down a block to eat ASAP.