Macca’s Has Dropped A Parma Burger And Chicken Salt Fries And This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

mcdonald's parmi burger

If you’re looking for a reason to smile in 2020, you’re in luck because McDonald’s is launching a Parmi Burger as part of their brand new chicken range from today.

The new chicken range brings back the iconic (and absolutely god-tier) McSpicy Burger, as well as the Parmi Burger, Chicken McPieces, Spicy Shaker McPieces and Chicken Salt Shaker Fries.

Now, I don’t know about you but nothing quite says Australian summer like a Parmi Burger and chippies with chicken salt.

The range was trialled in South Australia earlier this year, and clearly was a hit among our South Aussie mates.

The burger basically does what it says on the tin – crispy fried chicken, bacon, parmigiana and cheese sauce. Excuse me while I drool a little bit.

To celebrate the new launch, Macca’s is slinging a free small fries and a coke with any McSpicy or Parmi Burger purchase. So basically, buy the burger and they’ll chuck you the rest of the meal for free.

Yes, you heard that right: free chippies!! FREE!

It’s worth noting that McDonald’s has single-handedly ended the parmi/parma debate. If Ronald reckons it’s a Parmi, it is definitely a parmi. I don’t make the rules, Ronald does.

All four new menu options are permanent fixtures, so you don’t need to worry about your favourite new burger getting axed in a few short weeks. You can sink your teeth into a Parmi Burger for the foreseeable future, baby.

Honestly, after the year we’ve had, McDonald’s offering me some free chippies is the only thing I have to look forward to.

I need both of these burgers, and the sides in my mouth IMMEDIATELY.


The new chicken menu, featuring the McSpicy, Parmi Burger, Chicken Salt Shaker Fries and Chicken
McPieces is available after 10:30am at McDonald’s restaurants and via McDelivery nationwide from
Wednesday 14th October.