Three New McSpicy Treats Are Hitting Macca’s Menus & We’re Ordering Bulk Shakes To Prepare

macca's mcspicy range new products

The big, zingy, tongue-tingly chicken range at Macca’s is getting a few new McSpicy mates this week, with a brand new burger, a returning favourite, and spicy little bites hitting the menu for a limited time of bulk heat.

Three new spicy selections will land on Macca’s menus across the country from October 20 for a whole month, giving you all the more reason to order a milky shake and prepare your guts for a hot chook party.

A fan of the McSpicy already, but keen to wrap your lips around a bit more of a munch? The Double McSpicy burger is gonna be your go-to, friend. It’s got all the bits you love about the OG burg, but double – two McSpicy chicken patties, lettuce, and that creamy McChicken sauce.

macca's mcspicy double range new burgers
Sweet spicy mother of crap.

Then there’s the returning fave: the Chicken & Bacon McSpicy. It’s been a short, hot minute since the burger was with us, but it’s back for another run at firing up our tums. A big win for all of us who realised it had slipped off the menu and suddenly had to just slap crispy bacon and jack cheese onto a McSpicy burg instead.

The last little mouth-numbing treatie to join the Big Spice Menu from this week are the Spicy McPieces. Much like their lesser-zest friends, these little morsels are like the mischievously mouth-watering bigger brother to the humble nuggie. These fiery little snacks might look unassuming, but they’re entombed in that tingly McSpicy coating that’ll have you ordering a little ice cream to cool off after.

These new deliciously spicy inclusions will only be around until November 30, so you’ve only got a hot minute to get in and set your mouth ablaze before they scoot off yet again. Godspeed and maybe pick up a shake to calm your guts and cool your jets after hoofing down one of these on your next Macca’s run.