Macca’s Is Testing A Parma Burger & Chicken Salt Fries So Fuck Clean Eating To Hell

Here’s one to get your mouth-watering this AM: McDonald’s is trialling a sick-ass chicken menu in South Australia and pls hold while I confer with my travel agent to book flights, stat.

The fast food giant announced it will be expanding its menu and rolling out nine new items throughout SA from today until the 31st March.

Have a peek at the options below:

• McSpicy – Macca’s spiciest burger ever for Aussies who like to turn up the heat

• Chicken Pickle Burger – Temptingly tangy made with mayo and pickles on a steamed bun

• Chicken Schnitzel Burger – Awesomely crispy and Macca’s take on an Aussie icon, the schnitty

• Parmi Burger – Deliciously saucy made with parmigiana and cheese sauce available from 5th
Feb – 3rd March

• Teriyaki Burger – Asian-inspired with crunchy slaw and teriyaki sauce available from 4th
March – 31st March

• Chicken Delights – A super crunchy snack made with 100% Australian chicken breast

• Chicken Tenders – Mouth-wateringly juicy and coated in a crispy golden crumb

• Spicy Shaker Tenders – Made for those who want to spice things up.

• Chicken Salt Shaker Fries – Macca’s iconic fries accompanied with delicious chicken salt

“As we know, South Australians love our chicken burgers and nuggets, so it made sense to us to give them a chance to review this exciting new menu,” says Jo Feeney, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Australia.

“There’s something for every chicken lover, whether you’re a fan of spice, pickles, a parmi, or a sprinkle of chicken salt on your fries!

Here’s hoping they release the damn things nationwide soon ‘coz I’m fanging for a chicken schnitty burg right now.