Melbs Croissant Lords Lune Might Be Opening In Syd, Which Means I’ll Become A Human Carb

In an age where you can shop at all the primo international stores via IRL Aussie locations, do everything on the internet and watch movies without going to the video store, it is madness that you simply can’t have ANYTHING you want whenever you want it. Like Lune Croissanterie croissants.

For the uninformed, Lune are Melbourne heavyweights in the pastry scene. In the any-food scene, really. There are arguments that they make the best croissants in Australia – but you can only have them if you go to one of their two stores in Melbs.

Until now – maybe. Good Food are reporting that there are rumours in the cheffy community of Lune Croissanterie making it’s way up to Sydney. Now, if this was The Daily Mail saying it, I’d be dismissing it as faux hype. But Good Food are all about the foodie culture. I’d hedge a strong bet whoever they’re hearing rumours from might actually know what’s up.

Some other Melbourne-based exciting food news for you from the same report – D.O.C, known for their phenomenal pizza in Melbo, are actually 100% coming to Sydney – they’ve gotten some retail space RIGHT near my bloody workplace, which is the best and worst news ever.

Yep, D.O.C will be in Surry Hills as of late February, if you’re keen for some of the best pizza Australia has to offer.

As for Lune, we’ll have to wait and see. Just don’t open near my work Lune or I’ll literally become a human carb.