OMFG: Macca’s Is Dishing Up Potato Scallops (Cakes) & Hokey Pokey Shakes For A Limited Time

macca's potato scallops cakes new menu items limited edition

Macca’s has kicked into the new year with full force and unleashed some delicious new treats onto menus for a limited time. We’re actually quite riled up about this one because Macca’s is taking a run at the humble potato cake (scallop or fritter, depending on where you’re from).

Your local golden arches are unleashing a range of yummy new snacks on Jan 11 as part of the summer menu, including an Aussie twist on the Angus burger and a new thickshake flavour.

The potato cakes — which are being illegally listed as “Potato Scallops” — are coated in a tempura batter and fried to perfection before being coated in chicken salt. It’s like the other side of the morning hash brown coin and I’m all here for it.

I can’t believe it’s taken Macca’s this long to expand its deep-fried carb disc offerings and hear me out here… add chicken salt to chippies too. We could be entering uncharted potato territory here, people.

Alongside the iconic chip shop staple, Macca’s has introduced the Aussie Angus Deluxe and McSpicy Deluxe to its burger menu.

The Aussie Angus includes a fancy beef patty, bacon, beetroot, cheese and lettuce with tomato relish and aioli between its buns. It’s probably the closest we’re gonna get to the McOz for a while so we’ll take what we can get.

Meanwhile, the McSpicy Deluxe brings the chicken fave to a yum new level with the addition of cheese and tomato to the tongue-tingling treat.

If you need to soothe your saliva socket after that spicy sucker, there’s a new thickshake flav that’ll whip you back to your childhood in lightspeed.

Enter: the Hokey Pokey shake.

Yep, Macca’s has unleashed a new shake for the first time in God knows how long and it honours arguably the best ice cream option — sweet caramelly Hokey Pokey. Absolutely no notes from me here, I’m just praying the shake machine is working when I visit next.

The new summer menu items including those drool-worthy potato scallops (ahem, cakes) are available at all Macca’s from January 11 for a limited time.