The saucy minxes over at the McDonald’s sauce labs have whipped up some sexy new dips for us to drench our nuggets in. Will I be slurping them straight from the tub after a huge night on the town? That’s between me and God (Grimace).

Now that July 19 has rolled around the second instalment of the limited edition saucy bois has landed. Hot on the heels of the Szechuan and Cajun sauces, Macca’s has dropped two more dippies to dunk our chippies in — Mighty Hot Sauce and Curry Sauce.

There’s been a bit of speculation about this new drop of nuggie sauces — even people in our comments were firing off suspicions and requests for the Curry sauce to come next. Well now you’ve been granted your gloopy wishes, how good is that?

Mighty Hot Sauce (which will likely knock your socks off and sting on the way out too) and the Curry Sauce are landing on Macca’s menus across Australia from July 20 until August 2. Move quick ‘cos I reckon these are gonna slide right out the drive thru window.

The first two new flavours that hit Macca’s stores for a limited time were Cajun Sauce and Szechuan Sauce. According to Macca’s, two more flavours were set to land and now they’re here, too.

Cajun sauce is like a sweet honey and Dijon mustard blend that was once available back in the hellish medieval year of 2020. It sold out pretty fkn fast, so Macca’s has decided it’s time for mere mortals to relish in it once more.

Szechuan sauce on the other hand kind of has a gingery, garlic, soy sauce taste to it. It was available in 1998 to promote the release of Mulan, then became available again for a brief stint after Rick & Morty turned it into a meme in 2017.

Lovers of the rare sauces had between July 6 and July 19 to get their greasy little fingers on the first lot of the dips. But hey, if you miss out on these sumptuous nugget coatings, Macca’s promised new sauces have arrived.

“We know how much Macca’s fans love our Chicken McNuggets and sauces and we can’t wait to release a limited stock of some of our highly requested sauces like Szechuan and Cajun sauces,” said McDonald’s marketing director Tim Kenward in a press release.

I for one will be devouring each and every sauce that Macca’s comes out with. Every nugget I consume deserves to be coated in something top-tier. There are only so many times I can keep having Sweet & Sour, Aioli and Tomato on rotation. It’s time to diversify my dips.

Image: The Office / NBC / Supplied