Macca’s Is Bringing Back Monopoly So Watch Me Eat A Big Mac Meal Every Week ‘For The Prizes’

mcdonald's monopoly macca's monopoly peen to win

Good evening my sticker-peeling friends and foes, I have some good news to share with you that’ll most likely liven up your lockdown: Macca’s is bringing back its Monopoly sticker game, but this time they’ve upped the ante and increased the prize pool to outrageous levels. This is not paid content for Macca’s btw. I’m just genuinely pumped for this.

Yep, the game that leaves you with a whole bunch of empty Macca’s bags around your house is back, and I for one can’t wait to use it as an excuse to eat a double quarter pounder every week ‘for the prizes’.

This time Macca’s is boasting a whopping $616 million worth of prizes, which is absolutely bonkers, and some of the winnings on offer are pretty fkn exciting.

mcdonald's monopoly macca's monopoly peen to win

We’ve got a full-on Volkswagen car that’s valued at over $30k, an outdoor Weber kitchen valued at $10k, a bunch of gift cards for The Iconic (online shopping here I come) and free petrol for an entire fkn year.

Oh, and ten lucky souls will win free Macca’s for an entire year. This is not a joke. Free Macca’s. For an entire year. Do you understand how many midnight McFlurries I’m going to be consuming if I win this? You’ll practically never see me leave my house again.

On top of all this are the usual prizes: a couple of free Macca’s meals from burgers to desserts. Free stuff is always a-peeling.

The Macca’s Monopoly sticker game is going to run from September 1 to October 20, and all will be operating completely on the MyMacca’s app, where you can redeem your winnings. A much better process than handing in your pile of little stickers to the teens at the Macca’s window.

There are a total of 59 million prizes up for grabs this year, so if you need me I’m going to be buried in a pile of little peely stickers like a character from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, nomming on Macca’s until I get me a Volkswagen.