Macca’s New Monopoly Tokens Will Deadset Cause Fights For The Hash Brown

Oh my god. Do you love McDonald’s? Do you love Monopoly? Do you love weird, Macca’s-themed things and also that joyous time of the year when you play ‘Monopoly’ with the bits you rip off food packaging in order to try and win lots of money?

Then you’re going to bloody love their latest.

To celebrate McDonald’s Monopoly coming back, Macca’s had introduced honest-to-god themed tokens. You can quite literally play the iconic board game with a teeny tiny Happy Meal, a lil’ nugget in dipping sauce, or a majestic-looking Big Mac. (It’s still tiny, but it’s gold.)

This new set is deadset going to instigate fights over who gets what – as if Monopoly didn’t cause enough drama between you and your loved ones already.

There’s a catch, of course. These tokens are limited edition, so you’ll have to enter to try and win one of the 276 sets Macca’s is releasing (to celebrate the $276 million prize pool, naturally.)

DO NOT PASS GO. Enter the comp instead.