Hang On, Has Macca’s Quietly Slipped A Beyond Meat Burger Onto Australian Menus?

Hang On, Has Macca’s Quietly Slipped A Beyond Meat Burger McPlant Onto Australian Menus?

UPDATED — July 1 2022: There’s a Macca’s based mystery afoot and it’s all to do with that fiendish little veggie devil the McPlant, which Macca’s has now confirmed is available in certain Victorian stores.

If you’ve never met Mr McPlant, it’s the plant-based Macca’s burger that Ronald McDonald developed with Beyond Meat. You could score it in the US and in the UK but previously not in Australia.

Macca’s did trial the McVeggie here in 2020, which featured a veggie patty made of potatoes, peas, corn, carrot and onion. But in July of last year, the McVeggie was tragically taken off the menu.

Rest in RIP, my little veggie friend.

The veggie options are pretty limited for Aussie Macca’s customers unless you’re happy to exist solely on fries and hash browns. And no judgement if you are TBH. You can’t go wrong with a crispy, decadent hash brown.

But some people spotted McPlant burgers on Uber Eats right here in Aus. Mysterious, mysterious.

PEDESTRIAN.TV saw the McPlant burger as an option for the Brunswick East Macca’s on Uber Eats.

The proof is in the sesame seed bun.

But the McPlant wasn’t an option on all Uber Eats. For example, PEDESTRIAN.TV also sussed out a load of Macca’s in Sydney’s Inner West on Uber Eats and the McPlant didn’t come up as an option.

Macca’s has officially confirmed the existence of the McPlant on Aussie shores in a post on its Help Centre. According to Macca’s, the McPlant is now available at 270 restaurants in Victoria and has been since June 29. It’s a trial so Macca’s can suss out how much demand there is for McPlants.

The Macca’s Australia Twitter account also publicly acknowledged the existence of at least one McPlant in the country.

In response to a complimentary Tweet about the McPlant from someone in Melb, Macca’s replied: “love to hear this, Scooter! Glad you enjoyed”. Pay attention to the suspicious sprout emoji.

What is Macca’s sprouting? A plant-spiracy? Is the McPlant just some glorified spy who works for the golden arches?

There were also a couple of other Tweets about the McPlant being available in Aus.


An Instagram account for Macca’s in Forest Hill, Melbourne posted pics of workers with the McPlant.

My brothers in Beyond Meat patty, blink thrice if Grimace is holding you hostage.

We must put the evidence together to come to a conclusion. What is the truth? What is the patty even made of? And what is Grimace, really?