NOT A DRILL: Macca’s Is Finally Trialling A Veggie Burger Here In Australia

In what is frankly monumental news for all the hungover vegetarians among you, McDonald’s has announced they are finally – at long, long, long last – trialling a veggie burger on its menu right here in Australia. This isn’t some sort of cruel joke. This is a real thing that’s happening in Macca’s outlets in Australia as of today.

Except only in South Australia.

For now.

[jwplayer jQ2zjxrR]

The new burger is a long-time coming for ardent Macca’s fiends (practically everyone TBH) and a far cry from any Cheeseburger But With Hash Brown Instead Of Patty custom concoction that folks have been making do with for a while.

The McVeggie is being rolled out in South Australia on a trial basis from today, and features a specially made crumbed veggie patty consisting of potato, peas, corn, carrot, and onion. That’s served in a sesame seed bun with cheese, lettuce, pickles, herbs and spices, and mayo.

It looks a bit like a McChicken, but folks, let me tell you: It’s not.

Jo Feeney, Macca’s Australian marketing director, asserted that increased (or any) vegetarian options on the menu has been an issue they’ve been working on for quite some time, and this trial represents the first step in a wider rollout.

We understand there’s a rising demand for vegetarian options and we always look to give our customers more of what they want. We’re excited to be trialling the McVeggie Burger in South Australia so our customers can give us feedback on it before we look to serve it up across the country.

If the trial is successful, McDonald’s has plans to roll the burger out nationally in the coming future.

Until then, if you’re keen, get yr bloody skates on and shimmy over to an Adelaide drive thru tout bloody suite.