After years and years of yearning for a veggie burger from McDonald’s, the fast-food giants are finally listening to our prayers and gifting us with a plant-based burger. The McVeggie Burger is here folks, and it’s in your local right now. The only thing is–it’s not 100% vegetarian just yet.

You see the way that the McVeggie is currently prepared means that they can’t outright say it’s a vegetarian burger. From what I can tell it looks like the patty is a crispy bubble n’ squeak option, which means it’s probably fried in their cookers.

Maybe it’s done in the same fryers as the crispy chicken fillets? I’d argue that they could probably just pop them in with the fries and hashbrowns because that’s a very vego-friendly space, but maybe they’ve got other plans.

After a little bit of snooping around, I found this cheeky advert that was filmed way back in May (!!), and uhhh ok yes that looks very good. I’ll take one (1) please.

Alongside the veggie patty, you’ve got some fresh iceberg lettuce, pickles (important), cheese, mayo, and a sprinkle of herbs and spices. I’d absolutely hoof one of these down, and maybe get them to chuck a couple of slices of tomato on it as well? I feel like that would be a good little inclusion there. I mean that’s what they’ve got going on the McVeggie in New Zealand, as well as some red onion – I can get around that.

Regardless, this is finally a plant-based option for your road trips and hungover mornings, instead of doing the cheeky order of a Big Mac without meat patties and ordering a bunch of hashbrowns on the side., which I have known vegetarians to absolutely do.

Or a meatless cheesy-b and stuffing chippies in there, which I have also done.

Or my old trick of ordering a meatless McOz (RIP to that excellent burg), because it was essentially a salad roll.

The McVeggie is confirmed as a permanent inclusion on menus after 10:30am across Australia, so it’s here for the long haul, folks. Hopefully, that means they’ll figure out how to prepare it in a veggie-friendly way. Fingers crossed, my vego friends.

Image: McDonald's Australia