Mary’s Melbourne Is Finally Kicking Down The Doors This Month For All Yr Dirty Burg Needs

We got the good news in late 2019 about Mary’s making the big leap down south to open up its first permanent digs in Melbourne, and now it’s actually bloody happening. Folks, start apologising to you livers right now because this place is 100% about to be the cause of and remedy for all of your hangovers from here on out.

[jwplayer wrHlZH9I]

May as well tell all of your new years resolutions to go and get fucked because the rowdy ratbags wielding Newtown’s dirtiest burgers are officially kicking down the doors on Monday, January 20, just in time for the incoming long weekend and all its associated hangovers.

The classic Mary’s menu will be plastered on the walls in the classic Slayer-esque scrawl, and the rascally gang will be bringing down their newer vegan menu to the Melbourne outpost, so nobody gets left out at trashy dinner/lunch/back-up-sesh.

The menu will also feature a couple of Melbourne-specific treats as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those little nods to the southern state.

On the booze list, you can expect a bunch of Melb-centric plonk, as well as the standard beers, bubbles, and blasters of bourbon for you to get extremely wild on.

Mary’s Melbourne is also the gang’s biggest venue so far, with a whopping 140 seats on the floor, and another 60 spots to park your ass up on the mezzanine, making it all very similar to its Newtown-based older sibling. In classic Mary’s dive bar style, you’ll find the entrance tucked away down a dank alleyway, so don’t be afraid to get your shoes a bit dirty on the way in.

The new Mary’s venue kicks things off from 4pm on Jan 20, and the party raging from 4pm-1am Monday to Thursday, and midday to 1am Friday to Sunday.