People Can’t Decide If They Hate Or Rate This Sydney Baker’s Macca’s Nugget/Apple Pie Fusion

macca's nuggets apple pie hack

A Sydney-based baker has divided Instagram with a ~controversial~ foodie take: combining Macca’s hot apple pies with chicken nuggets.

Jonny Massaad, who’s known for his incredible same-day-delivery cakes, insisted the funky sweet-and-savoury combo is actually way better than you’d expect in an Instagram video.

Don’t panic though – he doesn’t actually combine the nuggets with the apple pie mixture itself (but now I really want to know how that would work).

“This Macca’s hack has blown our minds… but you may not like it. Order an apple pie and three chicken nuggets,’ the 22-year-old said in his tutorial.

In his video, Massaad instructed viewers to cut open the end of the apple pie (he literally used a pair of kitchens scissors), scrape out the apple pie filling with a spoon, and then pop some nuggets into the (now empty) pastry.

The result looked a lot like a very sad chicken wrap, which he dipped in that classic Maccas Sweet ‘N Sour sauce and took a crunchy bite out of. Apparently, it’s fkn delicious.

Which, honestly, I’m inclined to believe? I’ve always thought the pastry Macca’s uses for its apple pies is quite salty and savoury. Do the pies get fried in the same oil as the fries? I actually have no idea how Macca’s things are made. But anyway, going pay the already salty taste of the apple pie’s pastry, it makes sense to me that it would taste good with nuggets?? It’s basically a crunchy, deep-fried nugget sandwich.

Sophie Monk seems to agree it could be good, commenting “Yummmm” on the Instagram video. Others were not so enthralled by the interesting food combo, with one person calling it “rank” and another exclaiming “why?!”

I reckon don’t knock it till you try it – this could very well be the new ‘Macca’s fry dipped in soft serve.’