KitKat Is Taking A Break From Its Normal Logo To Remind Us Of That One Recycling Bin We Forget

kitkat soft plastic recycling

KitKat, the choccy that’s all about taking a break, has temporarily changed its logo to remind everyone about the fact that soft plastic can be recycled, too.

The new logo is all about giving the planet a break after new research backed by KitKat has found that almost half of Aussies aren’t recycling correctly, and chucking soft plastics like choccy wrappers into normal waste bins.

So in an attempt to remind everyone about that one recycling bin we always forget about (those REDcycle bins at the supermarket checkouts) KitKat has twisted the choccy fingers on wrappers into a very handy little chocolate recycling symbol.

kitkat soft plastic

The new little facelift comes as a new study commissioned by the KitKat team showed that 41% of surveyed Aussies didn’t know that soft plastics like lolly wrappers, bread bags, plastic bags, and any soft plastics that can be scrunched into a ball can actually be recycled. On top of that, the research found that a further 17% of folks didn’t know that soft plastics had to be separated from other recycling.

Look, all this says to me is that everything’s a bloody mess and I’m looking awkwardly at the giant bag of soft plastic stuff underneath my staircase that I’ve been meaning to take with me to the shops for about three months now.

If you’re like me and you need a gentle reminder to take all your squirrelled-away placcy bags to the shops to get recycled, that’s exactly what the new KitKat rebranding is all about. Find out what and where you can recycle on the website, take your stuff to your nearest Coles or Woolies, pop it in the REDcycle bins, treat yourself to a KitKat on the way out, and the cycle begins again.

Love that for me, and for you, and the planet.