KitKat Collabed With Biscoff On A Tasty New Treat So Say Hello To Yr New Munchies-Destroyer

Lickers, tasters and choccy milk makers, a new sweet treat has foisted itself on our waiting mouths. That’s right dear friends. KitKat and Lotus Biscoff have combined to bring us a KitKat Chunky with Biscoff spread. I’m full of saliva at the mere thought.

The tasty, tasty treat partially came to fruition thanks to calls from the Australian people. Thanks legends.

KitKat and Biscoff first released the delicious flavour combo last year. But it was only available in mini KitKats which could be ordered online or from the flagship KitKat stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

According to KitKat, the Biscoff Chunky was one of the most searched products on its website. Shoutout to democracy for this one.

The choccy combines the wafer-y crispness and chocolatey goodness of a KitKat with the caramel biscuit deliciosity that is Biscoff spread. Sacré bleu. I need that in my mouth by yesterday.

“We’ve seen an undeniable love for both KitKat and Lotus Biscoff and are so thrilled to combine them and introduce such a delicious addition to the KitKat Chunky range in Australia,” said Nestlé’s Head of Marketing for Confectionery Joyce Tan.

A KitKat Chunky with Biscoff fills a much needed hole in the snack world. And no, not just my mouth hole.

The reason for this? Snack science, my friends.

Everyone knows that a KitKat is the ideal mid-morning snack. Like a recess treat but for adults. A KitKat at 11am is the modern girlboss’s little cigarette break.

Now, Biscoff spread is a late night treat. It’s particularly great if you’ve got some cheeky midnight munchies. When the clock’s struck 12 and you want a little sweet treat before popping off to the land of nod? A big ‘ol spoonful of Biscoff is the absolute ticket. Just ask the communal Biscoff jar in my sharehouse cupboard.

This is why the KitKat Chunky with Biscoff is so genius. By combining a morning snack with a late night snack, KitKat and Biscoff have combined to create that rare thing of beauty: an all-day snack.

Melding that precious and rare combination of biscuit, chocolate and spread if no mean feat. But by God lads. They’ve done it.

You can score a KitKat Chunky with Biscoff for $2 at supermarkets and conveniences shops around the country. Go forth and chomp dear friends.